Properties of Our Corrugated Heavy Duty Boxes

It is natural that heavy-duty boxes should prove the strongest and the sturdiest to meet the expectations of the users at all levels. Therefore, we pour over all technical, industrial, and marketing expertise as well as experiences in the manufacture of our standard and customized heavy-duty corrugated box production and supply.

Our high quality heavy-duty corrugated boxes are with following properties:

·         Provide maximum protections against:

o   Damage to the goods inside during transportation

o   Damage during storage from humans and weather

·         Give sumptuous look & feel and give the best user experience to the end-users who use for multiple purposes

·         Give branding opportunities through robust lamination, varnish, paint, color, print, embossing, packing, sticking, binding, etc. essential processes

·         Our effort is always to save your money spent on packing so we offer highly cost-effective type of corrugated boxes for heavy-duty packing purpose.


We Use High Quality Materials Only

We use range of paper material for the production of our heavy-duty corrugated boxes such as…

·         Art  paper, Kraft paper, white cardboard, white back duplex board, grey paperboard, ivory paper, coated paper, texture paper, liner paper, or as per requests

·         Different flute types as described above and various thickness for corrugated cardboard makeup

·         We manufacture different flute type

o   single wall: we produce 2-ply and 3-ply boards

o   double wall: we produce 4-ply and 5-ply boards

o   triple wall:  we produce 6-ply and 7-ply boards


We Use High Quality Machinery for production:

We have invested heavily in machinery for production like:

·         UV, topo-UV polishing machine/Screen UV machines

·         Laminating machines

·         Bronzing machines

·         Graining machine

·         Box mounting machines

·         Automatic die cutting machines

·         Indentation machines

·         Automatic box pasting machines/box nailing machines

We Run High Quality Testing Procedure

We apply rigorous testing procedure to ensure high quality and error free outputs. In due course, we apply following metrics on testing:

·         Maximum load

·         ECT (Edge Crush Test)

·         BCT (Box Compression Test)

Application Areas of Our Heavy-duty Corrugated Boxes

Generally, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries are demanding heavy-duty corrugated boxes to supply, store, and display purposes. Therefore, we produce wide range of

·         Gift Boxes For Delicate As Well As Heavy Items

·         Color OEM/Color Printed Boxes

·         Shipping Boxes

·         Storage Boxes

·         Display Boxes For Electronic, Food, Stationary, and Jewelry Items

·         For Engineering Equipments

·         For Automotive Parts

·         Electronic Equipment

·         Machine Parts

·         Hydraulic Component

In due course, we offer them various sizes of heavy-duty corrugated boxes of international standard sizes as well as take custom orders to meet their bespoken needs.


Custom Heavy-duty Corrugated Box Manufacturing Services At Quality Packaging Boxes

·         Custom designing services: we have team of designers and the latest designing software, tools, techniques to give unique and innovative solutions for your bespoken needs.

·         Custom printing techniques: we offer silk-screen printing, offset printing, and other modern printing services with highly skilled and experiences workforce to address your custom and challenging needs for your branding campaigns.

·         OEM solutions: we welcome OEM and address your bespoken needs by cost-effective ways


We Are Green Because

We greatly support green movement across the globe so we use mostly reusable and biodegradable materials as row and other production materials like printing, finishing, and coloring (OEM). Our plants have environment friendly waste management and waste disposing systems.

Thus, our products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, recyclable, and with good tenacity.