Application Areas of Our Plain Corrugated Boxes

Generally, plain corrugated boxes are used by various industries for mostly shipping and storage purposes, as these boxes have usage hardly in branding or other marketing efforts, but require sturdy and durable corrugated boxes with high quality to keep their goods safe and secure.

Industrial Use of Our Plain Corrugated Boxes:  

·         Home Appliance packing and shipping

·         print Pizza box for wholesale,

·         Electronic, plain Kraft corrugated folding box for storage, shipping, and display

·         Plain and sturdy boxes for fashion industry

·         Plain and sturdy boxes for Beverage industry

·         Plain and sturdy boxes for Food storage, shipping, and display purposes

·         Plain and sturdy boxes for fruit & vegetable industry

·         Plain and sturdy boxes for Art, Decoration, Shopping, advertising, etc. purposes and industries

·         Plain and sturdy boxes for boxes with inserts for display and storage

·         Plain and sturdy boxes for Gift & Craft purposes

·         Plain and sturdy boxes for Pallet paper, Hanging paper, Shaped paper, Trapezoidal paper display

·         Plain and sturdy boxes for Advertising standee

·         Plain and sturdy boxes for Paper furniture

·         Plain and sturdy boxes for Color packing box

·         And many more usage for shipping and storage


Plain Corrugated Box Manufacturing Services at Quality Packaging Boxes

Custom designing: You can find custom OEM & design services as well as custom designing for different size, shapes, thickness, ink, color, paper, and logo at cheaper rates and as additional services depends on your order

We Are One-Stop-Service Unit:We use advanced equipments to offer the best quality plain corrugated boxes

·         We have Heidelberg , Flexo, Lithrone LS440 & L428, and Jingde PZ 1740E printing machine

·         We use semi-automatic coating machines

·         We use BZJ & Tianjin Ait automatic laminating paper machine

·         We use semi-automatic die-cutting machine

·         We use the best paper cutting machine

·         We run manufacturing, printing, finishing, and quality testing units in the same premise to assure rapid and managed production process with the best optimization of time, material, and overall quality of products as one window unit.

·         We have German imported printing machine, film output machine, UV machine, bronzing machine, beer machine, glue machine and other processing equipment

We have excellent human resources to meet challenges of quality, quantity, and costing: We have a professional team of skilled workers including

·         Trade sales people

·         Designers

·         Printing engineers

·         Quality Controllers

·         And other labors to do rest of work

We Are Green:


·         Our products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, recyclable, and with good tenacity

·         We use mostly reusable and biodegradable materials in manufacturing

·         We use environment friendly other production materials like printing, finishing, and coloring (OEM)

Our plants have environment friendly waste management and waste disposing systems