Application Areas of Our Fancy Corrugated Boxes

People need fancy corrugated boxes for various purposes and on different occasions such as:

·         Fancy high quality OEM corrugated cardboard boxes for gift and packaging of valuable materials including food items, electronic items, jewelry, etc.

·         Fancy round corrugated paper box with flower are much sought after for high priced and sensitive gifts or display of delicate valuable items.

·         Customized Electronic Light Paper Box is inevitable component of electronic and gadget industry including smartphone packs, etc.

·         Fancy multiple sturdy corrugated box with custom design is demanding item for food, beverage, fruits, veg., and other heavy weight but valuable stuff.

·         Fancy quality fashion design corrugated paper gift boxes with handle are trendy in fashion design and garment or apparel business niches.

·         Customized Fancy Corrugated Paper Counter Display Boxes and other display boxes are enhancing beauty of malls, retailer shops, and chain shops.

·         Fancy paper furniture made up of corrugated boxes is favorite item among the new generation kids.

·         Home Appliance/print Pizza boxes for wholesalers/Electronic packaging

·         Plain kraft corrugated folding boxes/Fashion industry/Beverage industry

·         Gift/Packaging/Food/Fruit & vegetable businesses

·         For Art/Decoration/Shopping/Advertising

·         Apparel/promotional/office industry/Mailing

Custom Fancy Corrugated Box Manufacturing Services at Quality Packaging Boxes

·         Custom Designing Services: We have a professional designing team with rich experience in fancy corrugated box design.

·         Customization of packaging cardboard boxes with inserts: Just decide where and how you want to incorporate inserts and what is your idea about final products, we will finish things in short.

·         Customization services for Cardboard display stand: We will offer you custom designs for: Cardboard display stand/Cardboard Display/Point of Sale Displays/Cardboard Floor Displays/Corrugated Hook Displays/Dump Bins/Sidekicks Displays/Pallet Displays/Counter Display Boxes/POP Standee/Totem/Lama Stand/Retail Packaging etc.

·         Custom surface treatment services: We offer Glitter/Embossing/Creasing/Foil stamping/Die cutting, etc. custom surface treatments

·         High quality refined handwork services: We have in house high quality printing by advanced printing equipment and skilled work force to meet manual handwork needs.

·         Paper box manufacturing services: We offer highly customized Cake box/Macron Box/Gift box/Pillow Box/Auto Lock End Box/Tuck End Box/Lid/Base Separate Box/Magnet Box/Foldable Box, etc.

·         Integration services for box accessories like: Ribbon/lock catch/phnom Penh /Tassel/Zipper/PVC windows/Magnet/Snap-fastener, etc.

·         Workmanship: Color printing/screen printing/hot stamping/Embroidery/hot drilling/stress convex/hot embossing/Metal brand

·         Custom lining on fancy corrugated boxes: Sponge/EVA/satin/paper card/paper card velvet/Blister/pillow/C circle


·         We use advanced equipments: Heidelberg printing machine/Lithrone LS440 & L428 printing machine/Jingde PZ 1740E printing machine/Flexo printing machine, Semi-automatic coating machines/automatic corrugated paper machine/BZJ automatic laminating paper machine, Semi-automatic die-cutting machine/automatic paper cutting machine, etc.