Application Areas of Our Corrugated Sheets

There are numbers of usage of corrugated sheets made from cardboard and paper like organic biodegradable materials in modern industries and businesses. For instance, Packaging, Display, Lining, Cushioning, Crafting

Other Usages:

As protector:

·         From fork lift damage

·         Keeps top of storage products free from warehouse dust

·         Helps disperse weight as a layering pad

·         As pallet liners

·         As separators for layers

·         As stiffeners for mailing

·         As exterior protection

·         As floor protection or picture backing

As Flexible Wrapping:

·         It can use as cushion wrapping, as it absorbs impact and protects,

·         It can wrap around cylindrical shapes as well as to protect cabinets and furniture.

·         It adds a structural support when transporting goods

·         It shapes around corners, edges and surfaces of cabinets

·         It will protect your furniture with the added bonus of being easily replaced if drawn on

As Sturdy and Soft:

·         It is cushioning, as it resists compression despite being a low-cost item

·         Use to line boxes, separate items inside or pad them

·         It protects items if goods shift in storage or hit a few pumps during transportation.

·         Once used you can lay corrugated sheets out in rooms to prevent scratches when moving

·         Use corrugated sheet as a drop cloth for painting projects, or even drawing mats for kids


Our Product Rage of Corrugated Sheet Styles

We have range of corrugated sheet products in our catalogue and numerous styles to offer such as:

·         Single Wall Sheets

·         Double Wall Sheets

·         Single Face Corrugated Pads

·         Double Face Sheets

·         Double-Thick Corrugated Sheets & Pads

·         Brown Corrugated Sheets & Pads

·         Chipboard Sheets

·         Colored Corrugated Paper Sheets


·         Corrugated Wraps