Properties of Our Corrugated Rolls and Manufacturing Process

·         Material: We are manufacturing high quality corrugated rolls using virgin, chemical, mechanical, and mixed type of pulps. We produce crepe paper, tissue paper, paperboards, and plastic films and such many products for various usages in industries.

·         Types: Our products are in different types/forms such as single, double, triple layered corrugated rolls. As per industrial classification, we are manufacturing Single face and double face corrugated rolls for aforementioned usage. We use different combinations of materials and provide high standard products to meet your bespoken needs such as Kraft or Test stock.

·         Single Face Corrugated Rolls: We use 5mm 'C' flute profiles to make 75m rolls that you can order us to cut to suit any height requirement between a minimum of 100mm up to a maximum of 2500mm. therefore, our products are superior, reliable, strong, hard-wearing, and cost-effective products where economy and security is demanded.

·         Double Face Corrugated Rolls: We use combination of Kraft and Test liners. The fluting done and offer choice of weights ranging from 90gsm to 200gsm. We offer cut sheet sizes with any width from 200mm up to 2160mm. Chop lengths of our products would be at any distance between 500mm and 3000mm. We use soft inner liner to provide board elasticity.

·         Design: Lightweight and economical designs to reduce initial packaging and shipping costs If needed we can raise corrugated flutes on one side to provide protective padding and cushion from impact

·         Adhesive Type & Tape Type: Masking tape (crepe) and natural rubber adhesive on Brown Kraft film type with elongation of 8 % & Tensile strength of 70N/cm

·         Product Properties: Smooth, Cleanly removable, UV resistant, Waterproof, Endure heat, With poly-coated back, For Indoor / outdoor usage, Best surface coating & surface smoothness, With stable ink absorbability and rich printing dots

·         Quality Control: ISO9001:2008, SGS, BSCI, 

Application Areas of Our Corrugated Rolls

·         Our corrugated rolls have various applications in several industries such as food processing, stationery, textiles and plastic companies.

·         Corrugated rolls are widely used for packaging of various products like plastic ware, glassware and steel utensils. 

·         Different types of paper rolls used for processed foods like bakery, confectionary, and breads.

·         Due to its flexibility and smooth finishing, it used for breakable items such as glass bottles, jars, crockery sets and electrical bulbs in double packaging of corrugated rolls and paper boxes

·         We offer customization for corrugated roll production process for various industrial needs like: Electronics, Furniture, Consumer goods, Automobiles and machinery, Other industrial goods


Why Patrons Like Our Products

There are many reasons people tend to use corrugated rolls & boxes against other same category of products:

·         Corrugated rolls are a protective packaging product in transit

·         The rolls provide the easiest way to package and protect irregular items of different sizes and forms

·         It has high shock-absorbing qualities based on the material used in manufacturing

·         It can easily cut to size and wrapped around a product so it is ideal for small batch sizes

·         The corrugated board in rolls has an elastic property due to a special soft inner liner allowing it to be flexible in different usage

·         Cost effective as it has no costs for origination


We Offer the Best Quality Corrugated Rolls Manufacturing Services

Our corrugated rolls are widely recognized as being practically a by-word for quality and value across the packaging industries. As:

*      We have a unique portfolio of corrugated and converted paper products

*      We are offering highly competitive and cost effective products at rapid pace

*      We are independent manufacturer & supplier

*      We have highly flexible and friendly approaches towards all levels of clients

*      We have extensive knowledge and experiences in this niche

*      We use the most advanced machinery in the world for manufacturing, printing, coating, finishing, packaging, etc. core tasks of our production

*      We have strict QC system with ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO18000, SGS etc. certificates.


The Product Rage of Our Corrugated Rolls

We offer range following products in form of Sheet, Slit Reel or Counter Roll formats.

·         Kraft Paper Rolls: Plain & Ribbed Pure Kraft Paper, Plain & Ribbed Imitation Kraft Paper, Imitation Kraft Paper, Sack Kraft Paper, Poly-coated Kraft Paper, and White & Brown Waxed Kraft Paper

·         Paper rolls: Simple Paper Rolls, Rust Inhibiting Paper Rolls, Common Brown Paper, and Unlined Chip Paper

·         Embossed Paper rolls: Printed Embossed Paper, Colored Embossed Paper, and Globular Embossed Straw paper

·         Tissue Paper Rolls: Acid Free Tissue Paper and Cap Tissue


·         Mats: White & Brown Car Mats, White Crepe Car Mats, and White Tops