Quality Packaging Boxes is a sizable corrugated carton box manufacturer and supplier unit working in industry for long and stable workforce. We use only high-grade raw material in production to give stacking strength and durability.

Our high quality machinery used to keep A-Grade quality, rapid corrugated carton box production, and obtain precisions and our best human resources with prolonged experiences, skills, and talents are use to customize your order according to your bespoken requirements.

We are highly cost-effective and give corrugated carton box products without compromising in quality and deliver orders within given timeline. We get the most applauds from our customers as we offer strong and reliable customer support services through instant communication channels using modern communication technologies to solve your queries round the clock.

We take client-centric approaches to give utmost satisfaction to our patrons to keep their loyalty and long-term relationships. We have worldwide distribution network to meet your deadlines with the lowest shipping cost


Material Properties of Corrugated carton boxes from Quality Packaging

We know modern industries need corrugated carton boxes for various purposes. Therefore, we offer range of carton box products for different needs such as:

·         To give physical protection

·         To implement barrier protection

·         To give Containment or agglomeration:

·         To facilitate marketing

·         To give security

·         To offer convenience

·         To control usage

Corrugated carton boxes from Quality Packaging Use for Different Purposes

Our carton boxes use for different purposes like:

·         Shipping through various modes of shipments

·         Carrying products within premise

·         Showcasing or display products in attractive packs

·         Covering products to protect from various hazard

·         Solving marketing issues through labeling, size, quantity, etc. maintenance


Styles of Corrugated carton boxes from Quality Packaging

We offer range of corrugated carton boxes in different styles such as:

·         Regular Slotted Box/Half-Slotted Box    

·         One Side Inter Lock Box/Full Overlap Slotted Box             

·         Single Flap Inter Lock Box/Full Flap Five Line Box              

·         One Piece Folder Box/Single Piece Folding Box 

·         Top Bottom Box/Top & Bottom Three Piece Box              

·         Tray Box/Tray Box Top & Bottom             

·         Folding Master Carton/Folding Four Line Box     

·         Locking Cover Box/Multiple Height Box


Environment Friendly Corrugated carton boxes from Quality Packaging


Our carton boxes are made from the environment friendly materials that allow reuse, recycling on disposal, and easily degradable to stop pollution of various environmental elements. We use paper, art paper, and paperboard materials in form of corrugated boards or cards and use green printing materials to avoid environment hazards.