Quality Packaging Boxes Offers High Quality Corrugated Cardboard Boxes:

Quality Packaging Boxes is an eminent cardboard box manufacturer of high quality corrugated packaging solutions for

ü       We use high quality Corrugated Board Paper Material such as Duplex cardboard, ivory board, coated paper, Art paper, craft paper, Fancy paper, Recycled paper, crepe paper sheet, etc.

ü       Our products are sturdy at one side and soft at other side as per your needs. Therefore, we offer different Layers of Walls to give products solid strengths so you will find single layer, double layer and up to seven layer walls to offer good resistance against physical stress or pressure. Not only layers of wall work to strengthen products, but also our efforts to use different Board Thickness according to your industrial usages.

ü  Team of seasoned engineers at Quality Packaging Solutions are managing strength of corrugated cardboard boxes through usage of different paper materials, numbers of different wall layers, different paper thickness, and different board thickness.

ü      We will make your corrugated cardboard boxes sumptuous at look and gorgeous at feel using various Finishing techniques such as UV Varnish, Glossy Lamination, Matt Lamination, Stamping, Embossing, etc. to beat your competitions.

ü       Our out-of-box finishing techniques include hot stamping treatment, iron silver treatment, UV treatment, excitation salient treatment, light membrane treatment, dumb film treatment, etc. make products of robust corrugated cardboard boxes for you.

Why Quality Packaging Boxes is The Best Manufacturer of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes?

In industry we considered as the best corrugated cardboard box manufacturers because

o         We use The Latest Production Machinery to make high quality cardboard boxes. Thus, you will find paper cutting machines, printers, UV glazing machines, lamination machines, creasing machines, sticking machines, and lining machines, etc. in our production units.

o         In due course, we have accumulated highly skilled, experienced, and talented Cardboard Making Experts over the time and leverage their talents in favor of our customers. Thus, you will find our products highly Cost-Effective yet high quality in comparison to our competitors in the market.

o         We ensure the best quality in our cardboard product by applying our best QA strategies, methods, and Testing Machinery such as Tensile, Mullen, Drying, Folding, Compressing, Sampling, Puncturing, etc. to ensure high quality testing.

o        Our Standard Workflow for production give our customers, guarantee to get their orders accomplish within given time-to-market deadlines.

o        We offer custom printing services including content printing services, logo printing, and embossing services as per your specification



The Product Rage of Corrugated Cardboard Box at Quality Packaging Boxes

We offer wide range of products for multiple usages such as:

Ø       We offer wide range of corrugated cardboard box manufacturing services for different industrial usages including standard shipping, heavy-duty shipping, light mailers, moving boxes and kits, storage purposes, display purposes, etc.

Ø      Our laminated paper packaging cardboard boxes are highly sought after in industries for light electronic items, processed foods, gift boxes, cosmetic products, etc.

Ø       Our heavy-duty corrugated cardboard boxes mainly used in shipping for various raw and ready-to-use food products, fruit & vegetables, in winery, hardware products, computers, washers, freezers, etc.

Ø       Our ivory cardboard boxes are famous in jewelry and imitation product industries.


Quality Packages Solution is an Environment Friendly Manufacturer 

We use 60% reusable and 100% recyclable materials.

        Our printing material is also respecting the guidelines of Go Green community and government to help stop pollution and environmental hazards.

        We use environmental friendly waste management and waste disposal technologies.

         Therefore, don’t forget to use our exclusive corrugated cardboard box manufacturing services at premium rate and with time-to-market promises.