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QboxesSci – Tech Glass India Pvt. Ltd. provides a full range of Industrial Borosilicate 3.3 Glassware for all of your research& manufacturing needs.

Design - We can provide Help andAdvice with the Design of Specialist Glassware to your requirements. Technical Adviceis available free of charge quotations.

Repairs - Though any Damaged,Glass Equipment can be repaired; mostly it is not economical to do so. Generallythe repair, which involves less than a third of its original work, is worth to carry out repairing. Repairs work is costly because:

  • It Generally RequiresGreater Skill than making you a new one.
  • Since it involves High Riskof totalBreakage, the risk of total loss of time spent on its repairing goes along with it.
  • The work involved in receiving a Damaged Equipment identifying throughout the Handling, Cleaning, Estimating its Repairing charges, Re –Estimating the repairing charges in case of Damage Extends etc. are relatively expensive.
  • Each job requires individual attention throughout the execution.

However, while sending the equipment for repairing, following care must be taken:

  • Inform the Nature of Breakage and get anEstimate of Repairing Charges in advance to avoid the loss of Transportation Expenses in case it is uneconomical to go for Repairing.
  • Since Repairing takes longer time to Fit into Production Schedules and Completion of Repairing is Highly uncertain, it is Generally Suggested to Arrange for Substitute Equipment to continue the work.
  • Equipment to be Repaired should be clean. Since it can be CleanedBetter and at less Cost at owners’ premises. It should be cleaned before sending it forTransportation. This also makes it safer to transport.
  • Pack with extra care, since Crack in Glass has a tendency to extend with every jerk. If possible, send Broken Pieces along with it.
  • Generally Repairing Work is Accepted only for Equipment Manufactured by us, and is Repaired at Owners Risk only.


In this Catalogue, Dimensions, Weights and other specifications are takenmore or less in accordance with Corning.This is to keep the Flexibility of MaximumInterchangeability. However, some differences are unavoidable due to local Manufacturing conditions. The entire odd Dimension is rounded off.

All the dimensions and Weights are approximate. The Specification given in our Catalogue is intended to present a general description of the items. Since Manufacturing of Glass Equipment involves manual Operations, Certain Tolerances are oblivious and Permissible while passing the items through Quality Control.

We reserve the right to carry technical modification of products and data mentioned in Our Catalogue as and when required.

DIN ISO – 3585, DIN ISO – 3586 and DIN ISO – 3587 DIN ISO – 4704, BSEN – 1595 and DIN ISO – 718

The following technical services are available on per day charge basis:

    Skilled Fitters
    Semi-Skilled Fitters